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New & Renewable
Devices that convert energy generated from photovoltaic systems to electricity
Our devices have the most significant effect on the life of new and renewable energy generation facilities
and highly reliable products ensure high efficiency in maintenance.
Uniform efficiency
Wireless telecommunication
Waterproof & dustproof
LCD panel
Parallel operation
All-in-one connection board
Rack type support
Product Spec
Item Grid-connected Photovoltaic Invertor
300W 400W 3K 3.6K 10K
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Input Maximum input
power (DC)
320W 430W 3300W 3800W 12,000W
Maximum input
25Vdc ~ 54Vdc 500V 900V
Rated input
- - 350V 600V
Operation input
200V 350V
Minimum operating
voltage(standby power)
MPPT input 1
Output Maximum input
9.2A 13A 16A / 8A in case of
parallel use
19A / 9.5A in case of
parallel use
34A / 17A in case of
parallel use
Rated output
power (AC)
300W 400W 3000W 3600W 10,500W
Rated voltage Single-phase 220Vac 3 Phase 3 Wire 380Vac
Voltage range 198 ~ 242Vac 200~240Vac 346 ~ 415Vac
Frequency range 60Hz ± 0.5Hz
Power factor Over 0.95
Maximum efficiency Over 94.67% Over 95% Over 98% Over 98.5%
Effective efficiency - - Over 95% Over 97%
THD Below 4% in total Below 3% in total Below 5% in total
HD - - Below 3% each
Device Maximum output
1.52A 2.1A 15A 18A 17.5A
Cooling system Natural air-cooling
Installation type Outdoor type (IP65)
Size 225 x 245 x 51(H) 352 x 270 x 115(H) 352 x 270 x 115(H) 481 x 376 x 160(H)
Weight 1.6kg 8.8kg 9.3kg 16.5kg
Operating temperature -20℃ ~ 50℃
Protection /
-20℃ ~ 50℃
Input protection - - Overvoltage, over current, temperature rise
Error check - - Self-check, inverse voltage prevention
Power system protection - - Overvoltage, over current, ground fault surveillance
Circuit method Insulation Non-insulation
Wi-Fi Available Unavailable (LCD DISPLAY) Available -
RS-485 Option Available
Can - - - - Option
100kw Grid-connected ESS PCS 100kw Grid-connected PV INV
(plan to obtain KS Certification in Aug. 2019)
100kwHybrid ESS PCS PV+ESS All in one PCS
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Input Input power
100kW 10Kw
Rated voltage
725Vdc 650Vdc 560Vdc 380Vdc
Input voltage
570 ~ 850 Vdc 580 ~ 950 Vdc 450 ~ 650 Vdc 240 ~ 580Vdc
Maximum current
for charge
and discharge
85A / 170A 170A 80A / 160A 15A / 30A
Rated current 137A 153A 136.6 A 26A
Output Output power (kW) 100kW 10Kw
Rated voltage 3P3W 380 Vac 3P4W 380 Vac
Voltage range Within 380 Vac ± 10% Within 380 Vac ± 10% Within 380 Vac ± 10% Within 380 Vac ± 10%
Frequency range 60Hz ± 0.5Hz
Power factor Over 0.99
Maximum efficiency Over 98% Over 96% Over 97%
THD Below 3% in total
Maximum output
151.9 A
Device Cooling system Forced air-cooling
Installation type Indoor type (IP54) Indoor type (IP20)
Size 460 x 600 x 1400(mm) 600 x 903 x 2000(mm) 600 x 800 x 1800(mm)
-20℃ ~ 50℃
Maintenance temperature -20℃ ~ 50℃
Protection /
Display LCD Display
Telecommunication RS-485, CAN
Protection function Over/low voltage output
Over/low frequency output
Overcurrent output
Invertor overload
Over/low voltage battery
Abnormal temperature, etc
Insulation Transformer-less type
Product Spec
Model Battery
Li-Polymer Li-ion LiFePO4
Barrel-type Square-type Module